Back Porch Reading

Posted: October 22, 2010 in Arts and Culture

Brianna Fiene

“Back Porch Reading” featured local poets and short story writers for a series of enthralling readings.

As promised the performances were on a spacious back porch where eager listeners gathered on chairs and blankets to hear the authors recite their own words. The yellow glow of a back alley light shone on each reader like a spotlight. It was a treat to have a plethora of works from published authors all in one venue.

Christine Holm started out the night with a series of poems that had spot-on quirky imagery easily accessible to the mind and had the audience laughing in recognition. Edgewood’s own Meg Johnson continued with humorous and enthusiastic readings of her poems.

Nineteen-year-old, Zozie Beatrice shared some of her published poems. She cites her favorite poets as Ezra Pound and Sylvia Plath. Beatrice read a poem she wrote during an inspirational  “morality kick”.

“I write when something hits me. Like people in the grocery store check-out line, I just pull something out and jot it all down,” she said.

Amanda Hemer-Viviani was the one short story reader. Both of her stories were highly observational pieces that seemed to be inspired by childhood relationships. Charlie Campbell, local M.C performed slam poetry. His delivery was intense, and he mixed it up with a funny song about a crush.

The night was interesting and provided an atmosphere where writers of all levels could comfortably converse after the featured readings. Complete with some very cozy and necessary baked goods, snacks and beer.

  1. Meg Johnson says:

    Thank you to Brianna Fiene and On the Edge for covering Back Porch Reading. I posted the link to this article on my blog.

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