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Lisa Kaminski

As the visual arts prepare to move to the new Visual and Theatre Arts Center in 2012, the professional schools ready themselves to move into the vacated space, but the moving of nursing to the top floor of DeRicci and social science and foreign language to the bottom leaves some wondering if this is a symbolic move regarding the college’s perspective on the liberal arts.

Edgewood has a long history of integrating both liberal arts and professional studies.  In 1940, the college began offering formal teacher training in addition to its roster of classes in the arts and sciences.  However, the upcoming shirt in offices and a recent restructuring of the college demonstrate that perhaps the liberal arts are not as prominent as they once were.

“I am worried about the symbolic significance of the moves that are being considered.” -Melanie Herzog

Social sciences professor Cindy Rolling pointed out that several years ago, Edgewood revised its structure by creating different schools out of the numerous majors and programs offered.  Education, nursing, and business–the professional studies–each became their own school with their own dean along with the School of Integrative Studies and the School of Graduate and Professional Studies.  The remaining 15 departments in the liberal arts were lumped together into the School of Arts and Sciences represented by one dean.

Rolling pointed out that the system does not accurately promote each department, rather “it sets up a problem for the liberal arts and our identity.”  And she believes the reorganization of academics at Edgewood could hurt the college. (more…)