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President Balances Budget, Work, Play

Posted: September 30, 2010 in Profiles

While awaiting the upcoming issue, enjoy this May 2010 profile of Dan Carey by staff writer Michael Stock.

“I’m happy to tell you that I think my background is very similar to a lot of Edgewood students.  Well, maybe not a lot.”  These, his first words of the interview, describe the mystery around Dan Carey.  Despite Carey’s efforts to get involved with campus life and the student body, few Edgewood students seem to know anything about their president.  Some don’t even recognize the name.  So is he the familiar, average guy, or the distant authority figure?

Carey, 64, became Edgewood College’s eleventh president in 2004.  “I’m one of the people that love my job,” Carey said, “but it’s pretty demanding.  If people think it’s a glorious job or somehow glamorous–I guess is the word I’m really looking for–if they think it’s a glamorous job, it’s not.”

 “I think sometimes maybe people are surprised a college president would have a very modest background.”

Carey has short, white hair and glasses.  He’s wearing a blue sweater with a button-up dress shirt underneath.  Carey dresses based on his meetings of the day.  Some days it’s a sports coat, tie, and dress shoes.  “Today,” he said, “I can be in tennis shoes and a sweater.”

Carey is friendly in conversation, his laid back Midwestern speech punctuated with a hint Southwestern drawl.  He is welcoming, accustomed to being approached and interviewed.  “I think sometimes maybe people are surprised a college president would have a very modest background.”

Carey came from a farming background in Iowa.  His dad, three brothers, and one sister were all a part of the daily operations: “We milked thirty or so cows.  We raised corn, beans, alfalfa.”  Carey was the first in his family to got to college, something  made possible only by scholarship and work-study programs.  “I worked in a packing house a couple summers.  I worked highway construction.  I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to go to college.  Because I was first-generation, I’m very proud of the fact that Edgewood serves so many first-generation students.”  Always prepared to promote Edgewood, he added, “Generally more than a fourth of the freshman class is first-generation every year.” (more…)

On the Edge Online

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Welcome to On the Edge’s brand new website.

Look here for regular updates, photos, and stories in addition to our print edition.  Fall 2010’s first issue hits stands next week, so be sure to grab a copy.