Spring Break Experiences Across The Board

Posted: April 11, 2011 in Environment

Emily Pokorny

Margo Edge


Sun, Fun, and None

From fun in the sun to working and doing homework, Edgewood students recover from a week off from tests, papers, and lecture.

Students from the geoscience excursion course traveled to the Gulf of Mexico to investigate the oil spill. The students received college credit and participants did research prior to the trip. Freshman Abby Heuring, who researched the oil drilling policies said, “Students are going to learn about the oil spill and how it affected people, animals, and nature. “

The men and women’s tennis team went to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.  Senior Brittany Storhoff shared her plans for the break, saying, “We stayed at a beach house, played lots of tennis, and soaked up some warm sunshine!”  While the men weren’t able to come home with a win; the womens won two of their four matches.

Edgewood offered two alternative spring break trips.  The trips provide service opportunities for students outside of the Edgewood and Madison communities.  One trip this year was to the David School in David, Kentucky.  The David School is an alternative high school serving at risk teenagers and high school drop-outs.  Ten selected students and two advisors assisted the school for a week.

The other alternative break was partnered with Habitat for Humanity in Jackson, Tennessee.  Ten students and two advisors were to spend week helping to build a house.  Five days before the students were suppose to leave for their trip, an email was sent to notify the students that the trip was canceled.  Due to economic problems and under-staffing, the organization was unable to allow Edgewood students the opportunity to volunteer their time.

For many, Spring Break just means relaxing and spending time with family.  Junior Dacy Swansby said, “I have no plans of going somewhere warm, even though I wish that were the case. I’m just planning on earning some cash and hanging out with my family, who I don’t see very often.” Jennah DeVoll said, “I’m going home to spend quality time with my family”.


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