Edgewood Circle K Represents Well at Yearly District Convention

Posted: April 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

Margo Edge


Edgewood Circle K represented the college well at the Wisconsin-Upper Michigan district convention, DCON, by bringing home multiple awards and honorable mentions  as well as Cody Schara being elected Governor of the district.

While other students were going off on their spring break extravaganzas, members from Edgewood Circle K participated in service projects while attending their district convention.  The convention was March 11 to March 13.   The convention was held in Appleton, Wisconsin at the Radisson Paper Valley Hotel.

This was the second year that Circle K went to DCON since they have been a student organization. Circle K  was formed at the beginning of the 2010 academic year.  The student organization received the spirit award for the second year in a row.  The group accrued points throughout the weekend by showing their enthusiasm when their chapter was mentioned during the weekends activities.

“To earn points we had to dress up in 80’s clothes when we went to hear the candidates running for district board and we had noise makers to really show our enthusiasm whenever they said our name,” Brittany Ollhoff said.

Circle K received the Outstanding Club Award at DCON.

Nick Galles, club treasurer, received the Outstanding Treasurer Award.  Galles has been club treasurer for one term and was just elected club president for next term.

Ken Saville, Kiwanis advisor to Circle K, received the Outstanding Kiwanis Advisor Award during the K Family Luncheon. Saville has been with the group since the chapter began last year.  During the luncheon members of the K family presented their service projects to the district.

Circle K also received many honorable mentions.  Gabe Burns, Club Scrapbooking Chair assembled an honorable scrapbook.  Earlier this year, Circle K organized a fundraiser at Edgewood for Threads of Hope.  This fundraiser also received a special mention.  The student organizations performed a mash up of Miley Cyrus at the talent show during the convention which rounded out the honorable mentions.

“The talent show was so much fun dancing to Miley [Cyrus] and all the boys wearing wigs,” said Cody Schara.

Throughout the weekend students engaged in service projects.  The projects included making posters for the Appleton March of Dimes walk, turning t-shirts to dog bones, and crafted items for the elderly.

“The best part was seeing all of the different personalities, experiences (both new and returning members) mesh together to have a weekend of fun, service and leadership,” said Jackie Erzinger, former president of Circle K.

Cody Schara, SGA president, was elected as district governor.  He starts his term on April 1 and will preside over 27 clubs in the Wisconsin-Upper Michigan district.  Schara’s platform included concentrating on the growth of membership, keeping active communication throughout the district, and dedication to service.

“Circle K is a service organization, but it is also a student organization that promotes fellowship and it strengthens ties to community on and off campus.  I am excited to be a part of this,” said Schara.

Schara created a governor’s project.  The project is aimed at benefitting schools in need.  Each club under the direction of Schara will be provided with bins to collect donations and school supplies.  Each school supply has a certain point value and the club with the highest points obtained will be able to help deliver the school supplies to the school that is chosen at the beginning of the next school year.


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